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From the staff of a small-town Southwestern Ohio newspaper, to the gritty Rust Belt PI Niccolo Fitzhugh, Debra Gaskill's novels explore love, loss and the damage secrets can do. All are available on, as well as iBooks,  Nook, Kobo and subscription services like Inktera and others. Click on the covers to get yours

The Fracktown Gumshoe Series

Call Fitz


Think your husband is unfaithful? 


Call Fitz.


Niccolo 'Fitz' Fitzhugh is the retired cop who runs Fitzhugh Investigations, whose business revolves around digging up dirt for local divorce lawyers. He knows, maybe better than anyone, how an unfaithful male thinks. After all, his police career came to an abrupt end when he slept with the police chief’s slinky wife—and he’s sleeping on his office couch because his own wife, cellist and college professor Dr. Grace Darcy, believes he hasn’t changed his ways.


But getting a suspected murderer off? That’s not in his usual wheelhouse. When a local attorney, Jim Ambrosi hires him to prove his client Michael Atwater isn’t the killer of hooker Gina Cantolini, Fitz must get to the bottom of a tangled web of small town politics and a dark, dark tale of family secrets and revenge. But at what cost?

**CALL FITZ wasa finalist for the 2016 Silver Falchion peer award at Killer Nashville.

Love, Fitz

ISBN-13: 978-1533657961

What’s scarier for Rust Belt PI Niccolo Fitzhugh? A dead body in the back of burning car or waking up in bed with prosecutor Alicia Linnerman after a blistering drunk? 

Fitz’s life has been turned upside the death of his beloved wife Gracie. Outside of work, he’s holed up at home alone, drowning in his grief. But sex with Alicia has him thinking she believes there might be something more than being friends with benefits—something Fitz needs to shut down and shut down fast.

When a stripper from one of Fawcettville’s topless joints turns down witness protection for testifying against a murderer and then comes up missing, it’s an easy conclusion the body in the trunk is hers. 

Or is it?.

Holy Fitz


A fake priest, a tempting FBI agent and a pro bono case could spell disaster for Rust Belt private investigator Niccolo Fitzhugh.


The women in the life of private investigator Niccolo Fitzhugh aren’t making things easy for him at all.


His mother has told Father O’Malley, the priest at St. Rita, he would investigate—for free—the case of Aileen O’Connor, who lost $50,000 to con man Benedict St. Giles and who believes she’s part of a rebirth of the Catholic Church. 


Then Fitz’s beloved wife Gracie leaves him for two weeks to fend for himself to take a group of students to Vienna,—and Father O’Malley ends up dead. 


The case brings another problem—FBI Special Agent Fiona Rafferty who has been on St. Giles’ tail since another priest was found dead. Even worse: the history she has with Fitz since she was a new police officer in Fawcettville, could explode in ways that put his life —and his marriage—in danger.


Can Fitz resist the temptation that Rafferty poses? And can he rescue O’Connor before the worst happens?

Kissing Fitz



A Saturday of ballistic therapy at the Fawcettville gun range turns bloody for PI Niccolo ‘Fitz’ Fitzhugh when local social worker and community theater star Anna Maria Ippolito is found murdered in her home. It’s personal too—he’s been casually dating Anna Maria following his disastrous break up with prosecutor Alicia Linnerman.


The discovery of a strange coded journal at Anna Maria’s home makes Fitz and Anna Maria’s sister Carlotta wonder if she’s living some sort of double life, one Carlotta wants to know about before the police get wind of it.


A box of clothing and other strange items raises more concern, even as the mayor’s wife wants Fitz to investigate her husband’s suspected infidelity.


When Fitz cracks the journal’s code, the two cases converge in a way no one could in this Rust Belt Ohio town could imagine.

Toxic Fitz

ISBN: 978-1976162008

TOXIC FITZ was a finalist for the 2019 Silver Falchion award for best suspense at Killer Nashville International Writer's Conference.


Hometown star Nora Solomon was poised for fame when she was found dead in her barn. It’s a sad end to a long acting career that was ready to explode with the upcoming release of two movies.


Then Nora’s nephew contacts Rustbelt PI Niccolo ‘Fitz’ Fitzhugh to claim Nora was murdered, even though there’s nothing to suggest that she died from anything other than a heart attack.


The actress certainly surrounded herself with some questionable characters. Her farm help did time for killing a man, her fan club president can’t be found and her abusive boyfriend is a former cop under investigation for use of excessive force. Even her nephew has a shady past with drugs and sex work—if that’s who he truly is. Any of them could be suspects in her murder.

Finding Fitz


ISBN: 979-8566537481

Unhappy clients and a marriage on the brink of implosion mean tough times for Fitz.

When Alicia is kidnapped from her hotel room while prosecuting a high-profile murder trial, the search for her uncovers an ugly subculture of hate that Fitz needs to infiltrate in order to save his wife. What he learns along the way could also save his marriage.

Hidden  Fitz

ISBN: 9798436032702

When young university student Phillipa Huddleston sits down in the office of Fitzhugh investigation, she wants Fitz to find her mother, Barbara Huddleston. The problem? She’s been gone for four years and the police were never notified. Why wouldn’t her father report his wife missing? Had he killed her? Or why didn’t Pippa’s wealthy grandparents do the same?


The case takes Fitz out of the familiar environs of his hometown, Fawcettville, to New Tunstall, a small town on the Ohio River filled with secrets. With no familiar sources, Fitz must turn to two unlikely allies to help him solve his case.

Hunting Fitz


A vengeful defendant in a domestic violence case has put Fitz’s PI license on the line. When the one witness who can back up Fitz’s side of the story doesn’t show at the hearing to save his professional career, his license is temporarily suspended. 

Financially strapped, Fitz turns to bounty hunting and discovers a mysterious network dedicated to helping domestic violence victims disappear. 

Is his witness within that network now or is she, as Fitz fears, already dead?

The Jubilant Falls Series

Barn Burner

Barns are burning on farms all around Jubilant Falls, Ohio —but that’s the least of newspaper editor Addison McIntyre’s problems. The daughter of  Golgotha College president Dr. Seaford Thorn has come up missing — along with $500,000 from the college’s endowment fund. When Addison’s own daughter Isabella, already suspended from school for assaulting a teacher, attempts suicide , Addison must come to terms with the real meaning of family secrets— her own and others.


Barnburner tackles the legacy of mental illness  in a small town, the secrets everyone  keeps—and the damages that all of those secrets can do. 

The Major's Wife

When Marcus Henning came to the Jubilant Falls Journal-Gazette in 1982, he was looking for the one story that would change his career, give him credibility after screwing up a story in another town. Instead, he fell in love —and lost— the fiery redhead Kay James when she married an Air Force fighter pilot named Paul Armstrong. Seven years later, Kay was back — without the Major— and Marcus is on the trail of the one big story that would redeem his career. But what he uncovers could destroy everything he holds dear— his job, his career… and Kay.


This is the second in Debra Gaskill’s Jubilant Falls series.

Lethal Little Lies

In between staff cuts, furloughs and declining advertising dollars, Jubilant Falls Journal-Gazette editor Addison McIntyre hasn’t got time to listen when candidate Rick Starrett claims his opponent Virginia Ferguson ran a dirty state senate campaign.


Short on staff, time and patience, she can’t waste time on sore losers—then Virginia Ferguson is shot. As she dies, names Rick Starrett as the man who pulled the trigger. 


That gets Addison’s attention.


To further complicate things, Kay Henning, the wife of reporter Marcus Henning, has come up missing and believed to be in danger.  Did she leave of her own accord or was she kidnapped?


What  ties these two events together? Who’s telling the truth? And who is telling what could be lethal little lies? 


This is the third in Debra Gaskill’s Jubilant Falls series

Murder on The Lunatic Fringe

The news is as slow as the lazy, final days of summer in Jubilant Falls when editor Addison McIntyre drives out to the Lunatic Fringe farm, to interview Russian-born Ekaterina Bolodenka for a story on her award-winning weaving and the llamas and alpacas she raises there.


But there’s something about farm manager Jerome Johnson that Addison doesn’t trust, particularly when she—or the police—can’t verify anything about either’s past.


Meanwhile, crime reporter Graham Kinnon is on the trail of white supremacists that may be moving into the county. One in particular may have answers to Graham’s fractured past—or his future.


When animals are mutilated and Jerome is murdered, the quest is on to solve the murder on the Lunatic Fringe. 


This is the fourth in Debra Gaskill’s Jubilant Falls series.

Death of A High Maintenance Blonde

There are blondes — and then there are high maintenance blondes.  And Eve Dahlgren was a high maintenance blonde, even forty years ago in high school.


When Eve ends up dead, and Journal-Gazette publisher Earlene Whitelaw is arrested for her murder, it looks like an open and shut case. It’s up to editor Addison McIntyre to prove her boss didn’t kill her.


But Eve’s got secrets—and so does the newest Journal-Gazette reporter, Charisma Lemarnier. Will Charisma’s past stand in her way as she investigates two cold case murders? Or will someone else break through her defenses to help her find peace—and love?


This is the fifth in Debra Gaskill’s Jubilant Falls series.


Other Books By Debra Gaskill

Counterfeit Life

ISBN: 9781676317333

When businesswoman Lisa Harper tries to change her name following her wedding, she gets a rude awakening: the social security number she’s used all her life isn’t hers. When Ames Flaherty, the lawyer hired to find out the truth, discovers her birth certificate is also forged, Lisa finds she’s been living a counterfeit life.


If she’s not the daughter of Dr. Regina Harper, an art professor in the hippie village of Jasper Crossing, then who is she? Is she the product of a one-night stand, fathered by a man whose name her mother never learned or can’t remember? Or is she really the missing Emily Gunnel, long believed dead in a house fire and whose body was never recovered? Whispers of another man, who helped Regina and Lisa move into Jasper Crossing, have persisted all these years, despite Regina’s claim otherwise. Who could that man be? And what did he do that forced him to disappear? 


Author Debra Gaskill returns to her fictional Plummer County, Ohio, for this novel of murder and family secrets.


Writing as Anne Hunter Nash

Mom's AshesNewebook.jpg
My Mother's Ashes

Audrey Londonderry was just twenty-one when her first novel became a blow-out literary success, but the story of her own life is one she still has questions about. 


Raised by a mentally ill father and a bitter, self-centered mother, Audrey doesn’t know what’s true or false in her life, including her mysterious cowboy muse, Max. Is he a figment of her imagination, the spirit of the boyfriend she lost to heroin her freshman year of college or something even more sinister?


Now in her fifties, she’s isolated and paranoid—some call her a female Salinger—warding off contact from the outside world as she struggles to write her next novel and maintain the family farm. 


When her agent shows up with  her mother’s ashes, Audrey is forced to take stock of her past—and learn whether or not Max is the only route she has to creativity and love.


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