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The detective series you love is now an audiobook!  The first three books of the series, Call Fitz,  Holy Fitz,  and Love Fitz, also available in podcast format— is now an audiobook, narrated by voice actors Scott Shelton,  Casey Martin and V.R. Bryant.  Click on the buttons below to get  the books delivered directly  to your phone—or download them at your local library!

All five books of the Jubilant Falls series are available exclusively on Apple iBooks.  Follow newspaper editor Addison McIntyre and her staff as they get to the bottom of small town crimes. Click below to get yours!

Fracktown Gumshoe—Podcast

You can now listen to my Niccolo Fitzhugh novels in podcast format! Season 4 of Fracktown Gumshoe, Kissing Fitz is now live. Available on iTune​s and wherever you get your podcasts. 

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