Counterfeit Life

ISBN: 9781676317333

When Columbus, Ohio, businesswoman Lisa Harper tries to change her name following her wedding, she gets a rude awakening: the social security number she’s used all her life isn’t hers. When Ames Flaherty, the lawyer hired to find out the truth, discovers her birth certificate is also forged, Lisa finds she’s been living a counterfeit life.


If she’s not the daughter of Dr. Regina Harper, an art professor in the hippie village of Jasper Crossing, then who is she? Is she the product of a one-night stand, fathered by a man whose name her mother never learned or can’t remember? Or is she really the missing Emily Gunnel, long believed dead in a house fire and whose body was never recovered? Whispers of another man, who helped Regina and Lisa move into Jasper Crossing, have persisted all these years, despite Regina’s claim otherwise. Who could that man be? And what did he do that forced him to disappear? 


Author Debra Gaskill returns to her fictional Plummer County, Ohio, for this novel of murder and family secrets.


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“Debra Gaskill's small town mysteries read as true as Faulkner's Jefferson, Mississippi. From the first page, Gaskill makes the reader long for her character's next crime to solve or mystery to unravel.”


—Douglas Savage, author of the critically acclaimed

Stephen Crane novel A MOUTHFUL OF DUST



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