Toxic Fitz

ISBN: 978-1976162008

TOXIC FITZ is a finalist for the 2019 Silver Falchion award for best suspense at Killer Nashville International Writer's Conference.


Hometown star Nora Solomon was poised for fame when she was found dead in her barn. It’s a sad end to a long acting career that was ready to explode with the upcoming release of two movies.


Then Nora’s nephew contacts Rustbelt PI Niccolo ‘Fitz’ Fitzhugh to claim Nora was murdered, even though there’s nothing to suggest that she died from anything other than a heart attack.


The actress certainly surrounded herself with some questionable characters. Her farm help did time for killing a man, her fan club president can’t be found and her abusive boyfriend is a former cop under investigation for use of excessive force. Even her nephew has a shady past with drugs and sex work—if that’s who he truly is. Any of them could be suspects in her murder.


But are they?


The search sends Fitz down a rabbit hole of twisted relationships and explosive secrets that will tear one family apart.


This is the fifth in Debra Gaskill’s award-winning Niccolo Fitzhugh series. 

“Debra Gaskill's small town mysteries read as true as Faulkner's Jefferson, Mississippi. From the first page, Gaskill makes the reader long for her character's next crime to solve or mystery to unravel.”


—Douglas Savage, author of the critically acclaimed

Stephen Crane novel A MOUTHFUL OF DUST



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