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Hunting Fitz


A vengeful defendant in a domestic violence case has put Fitz’s PI license on the line. When the one witness who can back up Fitz’s side of the story doesn’t show at the hearing to save his professional career, his license is temporarily suspended. 

Financially strapped, Fitz turns to bounty hunting and discovers a mysterious network dedicated to helping domestic violence victims disappear. 

Is his witness within that network now or is she, as Fitz fears, already dead?

This is the eighth in Debra Gaskill's Fracktown Gumshoe series.

Fracktown Reader
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“Debra Gaskill's small town mysteries read as true as Faulkner's Jefferson, Mississippi. From the first page, Gaskill makes the reader long for her character's next crime to solve or mystery to unravel.”


—Douglas Savage, author of the critically acclaimed

Stephen Crane novel A MOUTHFUL OF DUST


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