Finding Fitz
ISBN: 9798566537481

The next Fracktown Gumshoe mystery is here!


Unhappy clients and a marriage on the brink of implosion mean tough times for Fitz.


When Alicia is kidnapped from her hotel room while prosecuting a high-profile murder trial, the search for her uncovers an ugly subculture of hate that Fitz needs to infiltrate in order to save his wife. What he learns along the way could also save his marriage.


This is the sixth in Debra Gaskill’s award-winning mystery series.


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“Debra Gaskill's small town mysteries read as true as Faulkner's Jefferson, Mississippi. From the first page, Gaskill makes the reader long for her character's next crime to solve or mystery to unravel.”


—Douglas Savage, author of the critically acclaimed

Stephen Crane novel A MOUTHFUL OF DUST